Built with Berta

  1. Live duo / DJ duo


    Milan van der Meer and Daniel Berends - better known as the live act Pomidou – have known each other since high school. 
They started their career as producer on the very last day of school in the summer of 2008. And they never looked back.

    After two years of serious studio time they started to get positive feedback of the music loving people around them. 
The combination of funky beats, deep chords and pushing basslines proved a big succes and this resulted in a number of well received gigs over 2010.

    With two releases ("Pompidouchebrand" at Neovinyl Barcelona and a remix "Qbical - Venus" on the Dutch Manual label) and an upcoming EP these boys are here to stay and are currently rocking many venues in Holland.

    This summer Pompidou plans on debuting a fresh new liveset at the yearly "Into The Woods Festival" based in their beloved hometown.